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sample_ballot_web.pngThe KRLA Political Action Committee’s approach to endorsing a candidate for each race might be called the “select the best” method. Other voter guides such as the C-J’s that was published last week provide “In their own words” tidbits. This is extremely helpful to candidates because they can exactly state what they want us to hear. Whether their potential actions will achieve their goals or whether they have proven that they can live up to any of their words is not offered.

The average person likes the idea of “In their own words” guides so that they can peruse the brief statements and select the ones that seem to best line up with their beliefs. It’s simple. And it seems very straightforward. A good aspect is that they help us think about specific issues.

Not all candidates will respond to voter questionnaires. They feel their record speaks best for them.

The KRLA PAC carefully reviews all candidates’ backgrounds and voting records, and selects the people we feel will live up to their words and can probably win, based on various insights. We want to send those MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED to the General Election.

Here are the websites of the candidates we endorsed for the 2019 Primary. You can read more about their backgrounds and accomplishments. It will take a little longer than scanning a voter’s guide, but can help you to round out a good opinion on each one. Two candidates are unopposed, Allison Ball for State Treasurer and Mike Harmon for Auditor of Public Accounts. Both took the time to return our questionnaire and earn our endorsement.

Matt Bevin / Ralph Alvarado for Governor / Lt. Governor
Will Schroder for Attorney General
Michael G. Adams for Secretary of State
Ryan Quarles Commissioner of Agriculture
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GET THE VOTE OUT on May 21st! There are 1,437,897 registered Republican voters in Kentucky. In the 2018 Primary Election only 24% went to the polls to vote!

A tragedy. Every vote counts.


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