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capitol-lawn-leaders.jpgTuesday January 5th at noon the Kentucky House and Senate will gavel in the 2021 Session of the Kentucky General Assembly! Membership in both Chambers will take their formal Oaths of Office and the work begins.

Congratulations to the House and Senate leadership teams, Senate President Robert Stivers, House Speaker David Osborne and all General Assembly Members. May God bless your work. Thank you for your commitment to serve the citizens of Kentucky, especially the most vulnerable in our midst.

After the Oath of Office, their official work begins as both Chambers vote or affirm their respective Leaderships, vote to approve the set of rules that they will utilize to guide their governance, and establish Chamber procedures. The work of this historic institution will not be dampened by COVID, but because of the realities of COVID, the House and Senate will adopt rules that allow the members to adapt and fulfill their lawful responsibilities as they serve the citizens of our Commonwealth.

You may follow the Kentucky House and Senate via the Kentucky Legislative Website and their KET Live Feeds

For the duration of the health emergency that has restricted visitors at the State Capitol and Capitol Annex; every one of the General Assembly’s standing committee meetings will be available for online viewing. Kentucky Educational Television (KET) already livestreams Senate and House proceedings as well as many committee meetings. The Legislative Research Commission (LRC) will livestream any committee meetings that aren’t covered by KET. LRC’s livestreams will be available for viewing on YouTube.

A look back and a glance forward

WON Transfer Agreements Legal Suit at the Appellate Level. Update
WAIT & SEE if SCOTUS will review the Dismemberment Abortion case
RETAINED Pro-life Senator McConnell
NO CHANGE Five pro-life U.S. congressman– and John Yarmuth, 3rd District
KY SENATE Gained 2 Republicans; 30 of 38 are R seats
KY HOUSE Gained 9 pro-life Republicans; GOP holds a 75 member super majority
JANUARY 3 - New U.S. Congress and Ky State Legislators sworn in
U.S. SENATE MAJORITY Unknown at this time. Watching today’s Georgia election!
TODAY - Kickoff! The 2021 session of the Ky General Assembly gavels at noon.
JANUARY 6 - A joint session of Congress will certify the votes from the Electoral College. The final result of the Nov. 3 Presidential Election is not clear at present.

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