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yes-4-life.jpgThe General Assembly Regular Session Part II convenes today. It is the last day for Bill Requests. Pray for our legislators whose schedules are FULL.

A Ky pro-life bill is being proposed in the current Legislative Session as a way to be sure abortion does not become law in Ky, if and when Roe is overturned. A summary of the bill says: Propose to create a new section of the Constitution of Kentucky to state that Kentucky's Constitution does not secure or protect a right to abortion or funding of abortion. Read more about it here.

KRLA urges all pro-lifers to call the legislative message line, 800-372-7181, and leave a message for your state Senator and Representative, and for Senate and House leadership, asking them to support passage of HB 91, Ky’s Pro-life Constitutional Amendment.

AND ask them to vote YES to Override the veto of HB 2, so that AG Cameron can investigate clinics and prosecute violations.

To keep track of all pro-life and abortion-related bills filed this year in Ky, see Current Initiatives. In addition to Ky’s bills, you can review the 2021 abortion-related bills filed in the U.S. Congress on this page.

Please watch for E-news Alerts this month from KRLA to ask for your support of pro-life bills by contacting your legislators!


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