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HB 213 requests physicians to provide consultation and treat minors for sexually transmitted diseases without the knowledge or consent of their parents. Though the bill’s language excludes abortion as a service, it may be one to carefully study.

Important to note: A Senate Bill, SB116, sponsored by Republicans Steve West, C.B. Embry and Robbie Mills is a “Parents Rights Protection Act.”

Another bill to watch is HB296, a partisan bill (Democrat13-0), that seeks to set minimum requirements for comprehensive sex education. Websites that warns about this anti-family, pro-abortion agenda are here and here. It is currently pending in the House Education Committee.

Fortunately, that committee has 14 Republicans and only nine Democrats. Nevertheless, contacting our legislators to express our concerns is a right and an absolute necessity.

SB102 is a bill that requires many changes in administrative matters including how abortions are reported by the Vital Statistics Branch. It is sponsored by Senator Robby Mills and Ralph Alvarado, both strongly pro-life.

There seems to be a need for this “housekeeping” bill, as shown in the below screenshot from the Charlotte Lozier Institute, which obtained the Kentucky abortions statistics information by filing an open records request. The research disclosed that, “As in other states, African American women were disproportionately impacted by abortion. Twenty-eight percent of the abortions reported in Kentucky were performed on black women, even though African Americans make up only 10 percent of the state’s population of women of childbearing age.”


SB102 assures that the aborted woman’s name is never made public.

We are also interested to know more about HB83 that calls into question the value of Certificate of Need requirements for healthcare facilities based on research that shows the spectacular rise of medical expenses— and CON laws prevent ease of serving needs as costs increase. Hmmm.

The new law would establish licensure requirements which could replace existing laws— like the ones that regulate abortion clinics? The bill is sponsored by Democrat Robert Wiederstein.


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