Kentucky Abortion Laws

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Along with educating, helping to elect strong pro-life leaders, and promoting adoption and medical research that does not rely on killing innocent human life, KRLA pursues aggressive pro-life legislative efforts to pass laws that protect innocent human life. We do so because pro-life laws shield those who cannot speak for themselves and their mothers, and because the law is a teacher. To that end, we strongly support pro-life federal legislation and we at times employ lobbyists to work for pro-life legislation in Kentucky.

Kentucky Laws

KRLA successfully lobbied for the following legislation in Kentucky with fellow pro-life activists:

Abortion related

Humanity in Healthcare Act - HB3-2022 Medical Procedures & Emergency defined - Authority of Attorney General ‘Born Alive’ Bill Yes for Life Constitutional Amendment Bill-2021 Humanity in Healthcare Act - HB3-2022 Ends abortion - if/when Roe v. Wade is overturned by SCOTUS or...-2019 Heartbeat Bill-2019 No Discrimination Bill-2019 Human Rights of the Child Act - Dismemberment Abortion-2018 Women’s Informed Consent -Ultrasound Law-2017 Abortion Pill Reporting Requirements/Advise about Abortion Pill Reversal-2019 Pain Capable Bill-2017 Webcam Abortion Prohibition Transfer Agreements No Public Funding for Abortion-2017 Abortion Definition- rev. 2017 Healthcare Worker Conscience Partial Birth Abortion Abortion Referrals & Counseling Abortion Upon a Minor Abortion Discrimination Health Insurance & Abortion Informed Consent for Abortion Abortion Performance Standards Live Birth Abortion Birth Certificate Licensing of Abortion Clinics No Public Funds for Abortion or In Vitro Fertilization… Abortion referral or counseling agency not to charge fee Spousal Notification Abortion by Non-licensed Physician No Abortions after Viability Restrictions on Saline Abortion When Abortion May Be Performed Abortion Clinic Agreements Abortion Clinic Licensure- pp. 7-9 Fetal Homicide 1st degree Fetal Homicide 2nd degree Fetal Homicide 3rd degree Fetal Homicide 4th degree

Euthanasia related

Advance Directive Definitions Medical Worker Conscience Rights Prohibit Assisted Suicide or Euthanasia Living Will Directive Revised 2013 Living Will Directive Revised 2015

Abortion facility related

Medical Procedures - Authority of Attorney General ‘Born Alive’ Bill Surgical Smoke Evacuation Abortions in Public Hospitals Abortion Clinic Violations and Attorney General’s Duty Abortion Clinic Penalties through June 2019 Abortion Clinic Penalties after June 2019

Laws Rescinded, Blocked or Pending Appeal

Currently, there are no pro-life laws being litigated in Kentucky!