Laws Under Fire

Humanity in Healthcare - Trial began 5-2-22 - Awaiting further judicial actions



Numerous articles on the Blog Forum describe the content and progress of HB3, the Humanity in Healthcare Act. Please find them on this page referencing the bill by a tag, HB3.

A Statement from AG Cameron is here.

Numerous media outlets covered the trial that took place in April and May of 2022. A video of WLKY TV is here.

A press conference followed the Hearing on May 2, 2022

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When Roe was overturned on June 24, 2022, the abortion clinics closed, but a suit was filed immediately to request a temporary restraining order on the "Trigger Law." This law was passed in 2019 to end abortion in Kentucky if and when Roe was overturned. The clinics have remained closed following an Appeal that was denied inn early autumn 2022.

The below KET video shows the Oral Arguments before the Kentucky Supreme Court on Tuesday, November 15, 2022, following the defeat of Amendment 2 on November 8. Will the clinics reopen soon? We await the ruling.

Heartbeat Bill Testimony

The Plaintiffs intend to challenge the Heartbeat Law as part of their case against the 2019 'Trigger Law'. Read more. Please learn more about the Trigger Law and its relation to HB3 on the Blog.

The KET video marks the day that The Senate Veterans, Military Affairs & Public Protection Committee of the 2019 Regular Sessoin of the Ky Legislature heard presentations for and against the Heartbeat Bill. It was Valentine's Day. One speaker was Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood clinic director. Her remarks begin at about 1:04 on the video.

Of special interest are her comments on the need for women to seek healing if they have had an abortion. This starts at about 1:08:20.

She states: “Abortion is not normal. Taking the life of your own flesh and blood with your own DNA is not normal. And there are healing resources available.”