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KRLA Legislative Initiatives

Along with educating, electing strong pro-life leaders, promoting adoption and medical research that does not rely on killing innocent human life, KRLA pursues an aggressive pro-life legislative effort to pass laws that protect innocent human life. We do so because pro-life laws serve to protect those who cannot speak for themselves and their mothers, and because the law is a teacher. To that end, we strongly support pro-life federal legislation and we at times employ lobbyists to work for pro-life legislation in Kentucky.

Kentucky Laws

Laws Rescinded or Pending Appeal

The State of Kentucky was sued by the ACLU or/and others to overturn the following laws.

Dismemberment Bill-2018 Ultrasound Bill-2017 Transfer Agreements

2019 Ky Legislature pro-life & some related bills

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Kentucky Right to Life

Kentucky's largest and oldest right to life organization and the official state affiliate of the National Right to Life Committee

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