Walk for Life

The 44th Annual Walk for Life was held on Saturday, October first

This year, the Walk was on the Capitol grounds in Frankfort.

The Walk was part of a 3-in-1 Event. At 2 p.m. our Celebration of the end of Roe in the USA and the closing of Kentucky's aborton clinics kicked off. The celebration combined a Rally for Yes-for-Life, because passing Ballot Measure #2 in the November General Election ensures that no right to abortion nor any funding for abortion can be found in the Kentucky Constitution!

THANK YOU to all speakers and event performers— Dr. Al Mohler, Most Rev. John Iffert, April Hunt, Pastor Cecil Blye, Jr., Pastor Jeff Fugate, KY Women for Life, Sen. Westerfield and Rep. Tate, the Jason Lovins Band, and each pro-lifer who came on a beautiful fall day when they could have been at many other places.