2018 State Conference Wrap Up

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The 2018 State Conference was wonderful with two speakers who were gifted in every respect. Melissa Ohden described her encounter with the truth that she had been the victim of a saline abortion that failed. It was thought that she was born alive (after five days in the solution!) at 31 weeks. A nurse who was not afraid to lose her job, rushed her into the neonatal intensive care unit and there, depite warnings of what lay ahead for her health, she was introduced to the Christian couple who "loved her at first sight" and adopted her.

Melissa stressed that her life had been made beautiful by ordinary people who cared about others. Her journey to find her birth parents and how so many of her birth parents' relatives have now come into her life is described in her popular book, You Carried Me.

Dr. Matthew Harrison described his stubborn dream to become a doctor, finally entering Medical School on his fourth attempt. Many of the jobs he held before that time dovetailed into his challenge to save the life of a baby whose mom came to him regretting her medical abortion that began when she took the first of the two RU486 pills. She had not take the labor-inducing pill.

Since that first successful abortion pill reversal, over 500 babies have been saved. Today, The Abortion Pill Reversal program operates in 46 states and 15 countries.

Dr. Harrison discussed his work with APR that now includes seeking antidotes to dugs such as methatraxate. He noted that in Europe today, more than one-half of all abortions are medical (RU486) and in the USA, about 33% are. We were privileged to have Dr. Nethers at the conference, an E-town Ob/Gyn who is part of the APR network. It was further noted that the reversal procedure does not cause birth defects, based on research.

Both speakers stressed that Word-Of-Mouth is the best way to make others aware of the common occurrence of babies born alive, but left to die after an abortion, and the revolutionary APR therapy for women who regret taking the first RU486 pill.

Following the luncheon it was a privilege to hear Sen. Whitney Westerfield and Representatives Brandon Reed and Russell Webber. They took audience questions and encouraged Right to Lifers to work hard on getting out the vote for the MidTerms because the pro-life edge in the House depends on it.

An appreciation award was given to Ed and Shirley Cecil for organizing the annual conference, who are shown with Margie Montgomery. Ed and Shirley have worked tirelessly for the Heartland Right to Life, one of the oldest affiliates of KRLA. The painting is by Kentucky artist Mitchell Tolle.

Joey Redmon is the current president of Heartland, shown in the slideshow.

A huge thanks also to the ladies from the Louisville affiliate, Janice Gootee, Cheri Misner and Donna Durning for their hard work on the conference.

Margie Montgomery is the driving force behind the State Conference. Her priority is to bring quality pro-life speakers to Kentucky every year so that members and the public and have the opportunity to learn what is percolating in the pro-life movement. Each year we enjoy a fantastic conference that words cannot adequately recommend to you. Please join us for next year's conference!

Ed and Shirley Cecil with Margie



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