Special Projects

The Right to Life Educational Foundation of Kentucky sponsors projects and events throughout the year.

The Annual State Conference, partially sponsored by the Foundation, brings Kentuckians top-notch pro-life speakers in a small forum that promotes personal –not virtual– engagement with outstanding leaders and friends.

The slideshow features various media projects from previous years, including a few state conference pictures, a kiosk in a retail mall setting, and a campaign that included billboard, newspaper and direct mail titled "The Transformation Series" that featured well-known personalities who became pro-life after being pro-choice.

During June 2020 the Educational Foundation has a radio commercial on WHAS Radio to educate and to encourage pro-lifers to join RTL. Click on the audio players to hear the spot. This media campaign was made possible by charitable donations. Thank you, donors!

The YouTube playlist features ads produced for the Educational Foundation to help abortion-minded women and citizens realize troubling facts.

An Annual Golf Outing is held to provide funds to create ads to educate Kentuckians about Life issues.

We ask for donations to help us educate. We would like to be able to place online ads linked to our site to guide the public to important information "for such a time as this." Thank you for donating!


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