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4D Ultrasound

yawning infant

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PHOTO CREDITS: 4D Ultrasound of fetal yawning at 30 weeks of pregnancy by Dr. Wolfgang Moroder. Baby yawning by Jeuwre. Human fetus at 10 weeks.

10 week old fetus

fetus at 10 weeks

Learn about Kentucky’s Dismemberment Law.

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On January 9th, HB224 was introduced by Democrat Mary Lou Marzian to create a right to Assisted Suicide.

Current law, under Kentucky Statute 216.302 (2), states that a person commits a Class D felony when they assist another person to commit or attempt to commit suicide, knowingly and intentionally. This has been a Kentucky law since July 1994, and KRLA worked hard lobbying for it.

The Marzian bill does not require the physician to comply and does not authorize “active euthanasia,” but what exactly does that mean?

With 12 Republicans and only seven Democrats on the Health and Family Services committee, we will be surprised if this bill ever gets to the floor of the House.

It is interesting that there is also a bill, SB42, to require that a national suicide prevention hotline number be printed on a student ID badge (with other crisis numbers).

Though these bills are dissimilar in purpose, it has been proven in studies that persons of any age are more susceptible to suicide when Assisted Suicide Laws are passed. This makes sense. Many people also assume that since abortion is legal, it must be OK.

In our Culture of Death, it is critically important for leaders to stand for Life and lobby against legislation that weakens Respect for Life. Leaders are responsible for setting high standards.


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HB 213 requests physicians to provide consultation and treat minors for sexually transmitted diseases without the knowledge or consent of their parents. Though the bill’s language excludes abortion as a service, it may be one to carefully study.

Important to note: A Senate Bill, SB116, sponsored by Republicans Steve West, C.B. Embry and Robbie Mills is a “Parents Rights Protection Act.”

Another bill to watch is HB296, a partisan bill (Democrat13-0), that seeks to set minimum requirements for comprehensive sex education. Websites that warns about this anti-family, pro-abortion agenda are here and here. It is currently pending in the House Education Committee.

Fortunately, that committee has 14 Republicans and only nine Democrats. Nevertheless, contacting our legislators to express our concerns is a right and an absolute necessity.

SB102 is a bill that requires many changes in administrative matters including how abortions are reported by the Vital Statistics Branch. It is sponsored by Senator Robby Mills and Ralph Alvarado, both strongly pro-life.

There seems to be a need for this “housekeeping” bill, as shown in the below screenshot from the Charlotte Lozier Institute, which obtained the Kentucky abortions statistics information by filing an open records request. The research disclosed that, “As in other states, African American women were disproportionately impacted by abortion. Twenty-eight percent of the abortions reported in Kentucky were performed on black women, even though African Americans make up only 10 percent of the state’s population of women of childbearing age.”


SB102 assures that the aborted woman’s name is never made public.

We are also interested to know more about HB83 that calls into question the value of Certificate of Need requirements for healthcare facilities based on research that shows the spectacular rise of medical expenses— and CON laws prevent ease of serving needs as costs increase. Hmmm.

The new law would establish licensure requirements which could replace existing laws— like the ones that regulate abortion clinics? The bill is sponsored by Democrat Robert Wiederstein.

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The 2020 Regular Session began January 7 and ends April 15. The last day a new bill can be introduced is March 2 in the House and in the Senate, March 3. See the Legislative Calendar here.

A number of bills have been introduced. To find out what your State senators and representatives will hear or debate during the session, go here and click on the Orders of the Day posted for the respective entities.

Following are bills that will interest pro-lifers:

SB9 "Born-Alive Infant Protection Act" - Introduced by Sen. Whitney Westerfield— same bill as SB 227 in 2019, is to “Create new sections of KRS Chapter 311 to prohibit a person from denying or depriving a born-alive infant of nourishment with the intent to cause or allow the death of the infant; …” This bill passed the Senate on Jan. 27.

At the EMW, Kentucky’s only abortion clinic, abortions are performed up to 22 weeks, and if a child were born alive it would need the resources of a hospital to survive. The bill is a strong statement that differentiates Kentucky from states such as New York whose laws permit leaving the born-alive baby to die. If abortions are being performed in any Kentucky hospitals, this bill would apply.

AN ASIDE: The “Pain-Capable” Kentucky Law that passed in 2017 states that a child can feel pain at 20 weeks post fertilization, but the statute defines the time frame in this way: “Pain-capable unborn child” means an unborn child of a probable post-fertilization age of twenty (20) weeks or more; The EMW took full advantage of the “or more” wording, and does abortions up to “21 weeks and 6 days”— or 22 weeks minus Sunday when it is closed.

HB142 is “AN ACT prohibiting the payment of public agency funds to any entity that performs, induces, refers for, or counsels in favor of abortions.” Sponsored by Rep. Lynn Bechler and four other Republicans, it extends current legislation to prevent public funds from going to entities that refer or counsel in favor of abortion.

HB67, sponsored by Rep. Joe Fischer and 29 other House Republicans, would create a new section of the Constitution of Kentucky stating that it does not secure or protect a right to abortion or funding of abortion. This would be accomplished by an amendment to our Constitution. The public would vote on this next November if it passes the legislature.

As we become aware of pro-life bills, we will update this post. You can watch the legislative proceedings on KET TV.

Senator Westerfield on KET tv

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Schu Montgomery, Opinion contributor | Courier-Journal | Published 6:30 a.m. ET Jan. 22, 2020

schu_cj.jpgThis Friday’s March for Life, held annually to mourn the anniversary of the devastating Roe v. Wade ruling— Jan. 22,1973— remains the grassroots’ single most salutary moment in the struggle to end abortion and restore legal protection for unborn children.

The March’s 2020 theme, “Life Empowers: Pro-Life is Pro-Woman” showcases the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment of the Constitution guaranteeing women the right to vote. We know much of the credit for women’s equality at the ballot box goes to Susan B. Anthony and other feminist trailblazers, like Elizabeth Lady Stanton and Alice Paul. What many Americans don’t know, though, is that Anthony and her feminist counterparts were passionately pro-life!

These heroines of the early feminist movement branded abortion “the ultimate exploitation of women.”

They not only recognized the rights of our smallest children (in the womb), but they knew at its core abortion harmed women — physically, emotionally and spiritually. Anthony referred to the “horrible crime of child-murder” when referring to abortion in her publication, “The Revolution.”

Lesser-known feminists of that era, like Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell, the first woman medical doctor in the U.S., said she chose her profession, in part, because of her hatred for abortion. Repulsed that the term “female physician” was applied to abortionists (operating illegally at the time), Blackwell penned in her diary, “The gross perversion and destruction of motherhood by the abortionist filled me with indignation, and awakened active antagonism.”

Like the leading 19th century feminists who opposed abortion for its taking of innocent life, today’s Feminists for Life and their allies view abortion as a major impediment to full social equality. In the words of feminist author and psychologist Sidney Callahan, “Women will never climb to equality and social empowerment over the mounds of dead fetuses.”

Norma McCorvey, the “Jane Roe” in Roe v. Wade, devoted the last 20 years of her life to undoing Roe v. Wade, and “the lies” she said it was based on. Chief among them —being duped into saying she was raped and needed an abortion. But Norma was never raped, and by the time Roe was decided, had already placed her baby (a girl) for adoption.

McCorvey, along with Sandra Cano, the “Mary Doe” in Doe v. Bolton (the companion case to Roe), who deeply regretted her abortion, tried unsuccessfully to get the Supreme Court to rehear the landmark decision, a ruling that legalized abortion through all nine months of a women’s pregnancy for virtually any reason.

Since 1973, more than 60 million babies (half of them girls) have been destroyed by abortion.

As pro-lifers flood the streets of Washington for the 47th straight year, evidence mounts weekly of an industry run amok, with supporters unhinged to the breaking point.

In 2019 alone, 100 reports of assault, vandalism and harassment against peaceful pro-lifers were recorded across the nation.

The ghastly remains of more than 2,400 aborted babies in Hoosier abortionist Ulrich Klopfer’s garage and car trunk surfaced unexpectedly in the fall.

Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill’s subsequent probe, coming only after Klopfer’s death, brought to light the sleazy abortionist’s revoked medical license from 2016 for “poor record keeping, failure to provide anesthesia to patients, and performing abortions on thirteen year old patients.”

Ongoing attempts to drag the abortion industry out of the shadows, to expose its track record of botched abortions and the scarring of women, has been hampered by a media, by and large, grounded in pro-abortion bias.

Thankfully, President Trump and 200 federal lawmakers realizing the gravity of the abortion nightmare have filed amicus curiae briefs urging the Supreme Court to revisit Roe v. Wade.

In the Louisiana case of June Medical Services v. Gee, to be argued in March, the stories of 2,600 women hurt by the abortion industry will be on trial as the justices consider whether abortionists must have hospital admitting privileges to treat patient emergency complications.

Students for Life President Kristan Hawkins senses what’s at stake: “The Supreme Court now has a chance to reconsider, reverse, and return the issue of abortion to the American people, (where) states should absolutely have the right to pass their own health and safety standards designed to protect women inside abortion vendors.”

Schu Montgomery is a member of the board of directors for Right to Life of Louisville.

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UPDATE on January 23, 2020

Hardcore pro-lifers braved the freezing temps to Rally for Life! See the slideshow.

lou_office_willis_b.jpgThe Louisville chapter of KRLA was Kentucky’s first. Does anyone recall its first office building on Willis Ave. in St. Matthews?

The group has staged a January 22nd Rally (over too many years to count) to commemorate the lives lost since the 1973 Roe v. Wade legal decision. These now number 61+ million.

This year the Rally will also mark the chapter’s golden anniversary. All are invited! Speakers include Attorney Bob Heleringer, Metro Councilman Robin Engel, Aundria McClain, Sisters for Life, and Margie Montgomery, founder and executive director of Louisville RTL and KRLA.

A special flyer was created to feature photos and news clips from the past. The flyer reports on the earliest days of the Louisville voice for the voiceless, and provides background on how Roe v. Wade became law despite the states’ opposition to abortion on demand.

Click here for the flyer and all the details. Why not download the flyer and send it to friends? We hope to see a huge crowd at the 2020 Rally!


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