23 Jan 2020

Hardcore Pro-lifers brave freezing temps to rally for life!

About 105 including children made the scene

Did you know that Right to Life of Louisville began in 1970? Even before Roe. v. Wade became law?

Read about our founding and see historic pictures and newspaper clippings on the Rally Announcement.

Wonderful talks were presented by Attorney Bob Heleringer, Councilman Robin Engel, Sisters for Life member Aundria McClain, and Margie Montgomery. Josette Goulet, former Louisville RTL board member, gave the opening prayer, and Pastor Mark Hancher of Hikes Point Christian Church ended the Rally with encouraging words and prayer. Dennis Corley coordinated the special event.

Sincerest thanks to ALL who turned out! We learned from Councilman Engel that the Metro Council may again debate a safety zone around the EMW clinic. He noted this would be an abridgement of our civil rights. Vigilance is the key to pro-life progress, which IS being made!

Margie Montgomery was quoted in the C-J which covered the Rally:

Despite the election of Gov. Andy Beshear, who supports abortion rights, Montgomery said that "the momentum is clearly on our side." She pointed to a House bill with nearly 30 co-sponsors that would amend the Kentucky Constitution to say that it does not "secure or protect a right to abortion or require the funding of abortion."

20 Jan 2019

January 22nd Rally for Life

Thank you to all came out to Rally for Life! Special thanks to our wonderful speakers.

From left, Pastor Kevin Woo opened the event with prayer. He is Administrative pastor of New Life Church. Beverly Johnson, Sisters for Life, described her journey from complete devastation following an abortion to a new life in Christ. Margie Montgomery gave an excellent call to action. Dennis Corley has been our event coordinator for so many years that we cannot recall. Our other speaker was Julia Shipp, the 2017 KRLA Oratory Contest winner. We hope to post her talk on this site soon.

Rally for Life speakers

Rally for Life 2019